Hi Mary Ann,

This is our first time to apply for Gaming grant.

Can you give us an idea/guide us on how to open a Gaming Grant account? We tried to search how to open a Gaming Account and even ask our bank if they are familiar with it. Is it the regular business chequing account, or is it only offered by certain banks who is authorized by Gaming.

Appreciate if anyone from this group can guide us.


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Hi Maryann,

I'm working on our new Gaming grant and am trying to figure out how best to provide their required budget/actuals sheets. I believe we typically upload 1) our complete organizational budget for the current year, 2) our finalized financial statements for the past year, and then 3) a "Program Budget" spreadsheet, with columns for the past year and current year side by side.

The first two financial sheets are straightforward, but I'm wondering how to account for the expenses we have as part of our regular operations that are not eligible Gaming expenses. Do I just leave those out of the 3rd "Program Budget," and scale that budget sheet down to show just the portion of our operations that are eligible for Gaming support (this sheet will not exactly match the first 2 documents in this case)?

Gaming really only gives us a tiny percentage of our total operating budget and we're careful each year just to spend their budget on a handful of eligible expenses. And yet we continue to toil away providing them with massive budget sheets...confused about the point of this!

Thanks in advance for your advice...


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I would like to receive your newsletter


Cobble Hill Events Society (CHES) would be interested in working with a grant writer in the future.

Thank you

Ann Baty

Treasurer CHES

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Hi MaryAnn, Thank you for all the work you put into supporting the community on accessing the Gaming Grant. I would love a workshop!!! My question is where do I find the formula for calculating the 75% government support limit? And can we add our volunteer hours (in kind) to support our more than 25% outside funding?

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Hi Maryann, last year we applied for Gaming, 3 programs. We gave the same information , descriptions and spreadsheets for all 3. One program was funded, and for the other two them they said we did not give the required information. We gave the same informaton for all three, in same format and level of detail. My feeling is they do not read the attachements

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Hi Maryann, we would love to gain any insight you might have on the mysterious "calculation" Gaming uses to establish its funding levels for various orgs. I know this is based on our program budgets, but am often confused as to why organizations of similar sizes and scopes receive such different funding levels from this grant. Thank you!

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Would love a workshop where we can go over this complicated grant.

Thank you.

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Even a short info session with my new AD would be helpful one on one.

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Hi Maryann - are you actually offering a workshop? I have a new AD and it would be a great thing to help on-board her to Gaming grants.

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